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Residential Treatment Programs

Sometimes the best method of treatment for teens can be a residential treatment center. Residential treatment centers provide an inhouse acute care, follow up programs, and therapy by staff that are trained in treating suicidal teenagers.

Keep in mind that it is always best to consult with a licensed therapist on the preferred plan of treatment for your teens situation.

Sometimes the answer may be a residential treatment center / program.  Commonly known as "RTC", a residential treatment center in the United States is required to be licensed by the state in which it resides to call itself by that title.  Sometimes these programs can be located in a foreign country - Make sure these programs have the proper staff.  Foreign programs typically call themselves a "treatment center" or a "treatment program".   A true therapeutic program should have staff meeting licensing requirements in their respective country.

Some questions to ask when looking at various programs :

  • Will the school or program provide my teen the proper therapy, if needed?
  • Is the treatment center licensed (specialty boarding schools are typically not required to hold licensing as they do not provide therapy)?
  • Does the treatment program or specialty school have an aftercare / follow up program? If so, for how long after successful completion?
  • Is the staff properly licensed / trained?
  • It is always recommended to walk through the facility before placement. If you can not do it - try to send someone in your place.
  • Always ask for references from other parents who have made the same decision.
  • Does the specialty school or treatment center have verified statistics showing that they are successful in helping troubled teens?

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