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Suicide Attempts

Attempted suicide by troubled teenagers is something that happens every year. In fact, for every completed suicide, estimates assert that there are right around 25 suicide attempts. Keep reading to learn the risk factors for suicide attempts and what to do about suicide attempts.

This means that even though most suicides are not completed, that attempts are made. Nearly every troubled teenager has suicidal thoughts at some point. And teens who take that farther, in an attempt to actually kill themselves, are also crying out for help. Even though they might feel like they want to die, at the same time many of them are happy when they discover that there are people who want to help them overcome their issues.

Risk factors for attempted suicide

There are some risk factors that go along with attempting suicide. And, while suicide is not confined to any age, gender, social or economic group, it is important to note that there are some factors that can make suicide seem a more desirable option for some teens. Here are some of the risk factors for attempted teen suicide:

  • Family history. This can include a family history of suicide, mental disorders, and/or substance (drug or alcohol) abuse. 
  • Substance abuse - drug abuse - alcohol abuse. The use of legal or illegal drugs, alcohol and other substances can create feelings of dependency, illness and depression. Feeling out of control and powerless due to drug or alcohol addiction orders can be a major risk factor in attempted teen suicide. 
  • Abuse and violence. Abuse - mental, emotional, physical or sexual - can increase the likelihood of attempted suicide. 
  • Mental, emotional or physical disorders. There are some disorders that teenagers find difficult to deal with. In these cases, it is important to realize that the stress caused by these disorders can actually trigger suicidal thoughts.

What to do when a teenager attempts suicide

First of all, it is important to realize that an attempted suicide is a cry for help. Troubled teenagers who make suicide attempts are signaling that they feel overwhelmed with life and the stresses that come with it. An attempted suicide is usually also an indication of depression. This can mean that a teenager has feelings, thoughts and stressors that he or she cannot handle any more. They try to solve the problem by killing themselves. You can help a troubled teenager by showing support and helping him or her get the help needed to learn to deal with issues.

 A physical and mental evaluation is needed after a teenage suicide attempt. Taking the struggling teen to see a physician is the first step; the doctor can then recommend other steps to take, and make recommendations as to who the teen can see to help with the problems that triggered the suicide attempt. Entering therapy can be a good idea for many teenagers. In some cases, family therapy might be a good idea. This can help the family members of the suicidal teen receive the support they need, and it can show the teenager that the family cares about him or her and is willing to receive counseling as well. Showing support and unconditional love is a necessary part of helping a suicidal teen.

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