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Treatment for Suicidal Teens

Treatment for suicidal teens is possible to come by, if you look in the right places and take the proper steps. Learn what to consider when seeking treatment for a suicidal teen, what is involved in suicidal treatment for teens, and options for treating a suicidal teenager.

The teen years are a confusing time, fraught with questions, problems and intense feeling. Sometimes, and often through a combination of factors, feelings arise that include teen suicide. It is not unusual for teens to have some thoughts of dying. However, such thoughts can be problematic if a teenager begins to feel and express them frequently. Addressing these feelings as early as possible is important in preventing an actual teen suicide.

Factors taken into account when developing treatment for suicidal teens

When a teen feels suicidal, there are certain factors that a physician and/or mental health professional will take into account when helping to develop a suicide treatment plan. Here are some of things to be taken into consideration when developing treatment for suicidal teens: 

  • The extent of a teenager’s suicidal symptoms 
  • The overall medical history and health of a suicidal teen 
  • Tolerance the teenager has with regard to procedures, medications and therapies 
  • The seriousness of any suicide attempt or warnings by a teen 
  • Impressions of the risk for teen suicide at a later time 
  • The opinion of the parent, as well as the teen, regarding treatment preferences

Treatment for suicidal teens is created on an individual basis. Each teenager requires his or her own evaluation and a tailored treatment plan designed to specifically work with his or her needs.

What goes into treatment for suicidal teens that have attempted suicide

There are several things that go into treatment for suicidal teens. Initially, after a suicide attempt has been made, a physical examination and evaluation is necessary. Physical treatment is a necessary part of suicide treatment for a teenager because he or she is in danger of harming him or herself until stability is achieved. The mental health portion of treatment for suicidal teens includes an evaluation of the teenager’s life leading up to the suicide attempt, as well as an evaluation of the family and home situation. These factors are important parts of determining the teen’s individual needs, as well as figuring out which treatment options would work best with the teenager’s situation.

Possible options regarding treatment for suicidal teens

When a teen needs treatment for suicidal thoughts or a suicide attempt, there are a few options that can be incorporated into the treatment. Here are three of the more common options:

Individual therapy. This is suicide treatment that involves therapy just for the teenager to help him or her work through feelings and suicidal thoughts.

Family therapy. Sometimes family therapy works best in instances of teen suicide treatment. This can provide a supportive environment for the teenager, as well as help the family learn how to cope with the problem and work together.

Hospitalization. In some cases, it is necessary to provide a teenager with a secure, safe and constantly supervised environment. Most in-patient suicide treatment includes therapeutic aspects, and offers the kind of supervision that might be necessary in extreme cases.

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